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This house for a family of five is located in a neighborhood of traditional homes and though the client requested a home designed around modern living, the exterior needed to blend with the scale and motifs of the surrounding homes. This design strikes a careful balance between the two. Interlocking gables and shed dormers allow for sufficient space for upper level children’s suites while bringing the overall scale of the home down. The added bonus is quirky ceiling forms that add a playfulness to those bedrooms. The main floor area allows for interlocking spaces with a clear delineation between formal and family zones within the overall plan. A split level design with an English basement allows the house to embed itself into the sloping site with at grade connection for the garage and the living and master bedroom levels. The stair hall and its associated window create a focal point for the entry drive axis as well as create a meandering vertical connection with hang-out spaces at the various half levels. The result is a home with ample space yet intimate place making for all types of family activities.




Ruxton, Maryland


5,400 SF